The annual Trainee Program audition deadline is March 1st – Applications accepted beginning November 1st

Trainee Audition Form (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF)

APPLICATION CHECKLIST (You must include the following in your application in order for it to be accepted):

  • A $30 non-refundable audition fee, payable to “Ballet Five Eight NFP” by check or money order.
  • A headshot (size 4×6), female dancers wearing a ballet bun or other dance hairstyle preferred.
  • A first arabesque photograph, profile (size 4×6): Arabesque at 90-degrees and en relevé, en pointe for female applicants, please. Classical ballet attire.
  • A completed application form (DOWNLOAD HERE).
  • Current dance training and performance resume (one page only).
  • A current letter of recommendation from a person in a place of leadership over you, such as your dance instructor, employer, or pastor, who can testify to your work ethic. Please have the letter mailed directly from the sender to Ballet 5:8.
  • Contact information for three references (please do not include immediate family members).
  • Audition video: videos may be submitted either via DVD enclosed in this packet, labeled with your name and the date of filming, or via a link to a YouTube video. We do not accept VHS cassettes or emailed video files.
    • Applicants please include the following exercises, one side only:
      • Plie, tendu, rond de jamb and grand battement
    • In the center, one side only, en pointe:
      • Adagio, including:
        • Grand plié, developés to each direction, penché, promendade
      • Grand pirouette in any position
      • Waltz, including:
        • Pirouettes en dehors and en dedans, pirouette in any open extension
      • Petite allegro, including battu
      • Grand allegro
    • Classical variation en pointe

Completed applications should be mailed directly to:

Ballet 5:8
Re: Trainee Program
20517 S. LaGrange Rd.
Frankfort, IL 60423

The application deadline is March 1 for the following Trainee term, beginning in August. Applications should be postmarked no later than March 1 for consideration. Thank you for applying to the Trainee Program at Ballet 5:8! Please be sure that you’ve provided adequate contact information on your application form. Trainee candidates who progress into the second round of the application process will be contacted via phone or email regarding the in-person audition schedule for second-round candidates. Trainee candidates who do not progress to the second round of the application process will be notified via email. Please note that second round application candidates will be required to attend an in-person audition at the Ballet 5:8 studios in March/April.

Finally, please be in prayer as you submit this application and wait for a response. We believe that prayer on the part of all parties involved is a crucial element in the process of selecting new members for the Ballet 5:8 ministry team.

Sincerely and God Bless, Ballet 5:8 Staff