Trainee Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the purpose of the Trainee Program? 

A. The Ballet 5:8 Trainee Program is intended to provide dancers ages 18-21 who have graduated from high school and from a comprehensive pre-professional ballet training program the opportunity to put the finishing touches on their technique and artistry before applying for jobs in the professional dance arena. Ballet 5:8′s Trainee Program is unique in that it simultaneously provides Biblical discipleship and ministry training.

Q. Are there levels within the Trainee Program?

A. Yes, the Trainee Program has two levels: Trainee I and Trainee II. Class schedules and performances vary depending on Trainee ranking. Trainees are awarded a ranking in their acceptance letter after second round auditions and are subsequently evaluated each semester for progress and promotion.

Q. Is housing provided as part of the Trainee Program?

A. Trainees are responsible for their own housing. Trainees typically live in area houses and apartments with other trainees and/or Ballet 5:8 company dancers as roommates. Ballet 5:8 staff is able to recommend potential roommates to new dancers who request housing. Trainees are not allowed to live alone and must have their housing approved by Ballet 5:8 staff.

Q. Do Trainees pay tuition? 

A. Yes, trainees pay tuition of $250 per month for ten months each year.

Q. Can Trainees work? 

A. Yes, trainees often hold paying jobs outside of their class and performance schedules in order to cover the cost of their living expenses. Trainees can work on weeknights and on weekends when there are no performances scheduled.

Q. Can Trainees attend college classes? 

A. Yes, some trainees choose to attend night and distance learning college courses outside of their class and performance schedules.