Booking Information

Ballet 5:8 performs on an ongoing basis throughout each performance season

Performances can take place in a traditional theater, an auditorium, or a church sanctuary, but they can also take place in a gym, outdoors, or pretty much anyplace where there is an open, flat space with a smooth surface.

Want to bring Ballet 5:8 to your church, school or event?

Minimum space requirements:
  • Rectangular space that is completely flat and unobstructed
  • At least 15×20 feet of usable space for a short performance (ask for more information on available repertoire)
  • At least 20×30 feet of usable space for a full-length performance; ideal dimensions are 30×40 feet of usable space (ask for more information on available repertoire)

What People Are Saying

“Ballet 5:8 captured the imagination of our 400+ grade school children. Their elegant performance of the Lord’s Prayer was engaging and beautiful from start to finish…The dancers embody the joy and spiritual fulfillment of dedicated disciples of our Lord Jesus…Is it just for girls? Definitely not. Almost every boy was riveted to the performance…My heart tells me that Ballet 5:8 expanded our students understanding of what Christian discipleship is and how it can be happily and substantively pursued.”

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