Each year, students from the advanced levels in the Pre-Professional Program are invited to audition for the student performing companies, the Ensembles.

WebsitePhotoParticipation in Ensemble is an added commitment beyond students’ regular training program. The Ensemble companies are organized specifically to give students the opportunity to rehearse and perform in a setting similar to that of a professional performing company. Dancers accepted into the companies are ranked within their Ensemble and have the opportunity to progress through the ranking system as they mature in age, experience, artistry and technical ability. Dancers attend rehearsals outside of their program classes multiple times per week as they prepare for the School of the Arts’ two annual full-length theater productions.

In addition to giving students experience and responsibility in the area of dance, participation in the Ensemble companies also challenges students to grow in character, integrity and in their Christian spiritual life.

Ensemble members perform in the School of the Arts’ two annual full-length theater ballets, one in the winter and one in the spring. Dancers additionally participate in smaller performances to local nursing homes and other outreach venues.

Ensemble auditions are held each year in May for the following performance season.

Ensemble Members for the 2013-2014 Performing Season

Ensemble II

Megan Acke, Alyssa Bernal, Kara Bouck, Georgia Brattin (Trainee), Libby Dennen, Genevieve Dennis (Trainee Apprentice), Jane Horak, Sydney Jackson (Trainee Apprentice), Kaitlyn King (Trainee), Natasha Robinson, Theresa Schmitz (Trainee Apprentice)

Ensemble I

Jessica Acke, Daria Caravette, Mikayla Gardner, McClaren Hipp, Alyssa Jackson, Christine Martinez, Shelby Munch, Ana Nichols, Stu Rodriguiez, Julia Rzonca, Mary Grace Santschi, Aimee Smidt, Ja’Mes Smith, Kristen Strilko

Junior Ensemble

Abigail Arient, Rylee Bancsy, Karsyn Essenburg, Grace Henderson, Jennifer Jacksman, Anna Jacobsen, Mairead Littleton, Emily Luming, Shelby Kristoff, Angela Munch, Renée Ruchala, Anna Santschi, Zoe Scheiderich, Sophia Snider, Chelsea Wells